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Case Study – The Lost Remote Control

Trying to find the remote control can be more challenging than a brand brief, and very fortunately for us the remote control was not the mission. Our job was clear, bring two enormous brands together focusing on a simple shared promotional product to enhance this very brand collaboration.

The Brief: Tight turnaround of 2 weeks. Create a product that brings Ben & Jerry’s ice cream together in a collaboration with Netflix.

Mission Obstacle A: Budget.

Mission Obstacle B: Timeframe to activation.

Mission Obstacle C: Brand Synergy.

Solution: Make a product that is fairly inexpensive, but that can be used while enjoying Ben & Jerry’s Netflix range of ice cream and yes this includes some rather mind bending flavours. Like their “Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Sweet & Salty Pretzel Swirls & Fudge Brownie”

Time to Moooo've (sorry, had to do that)

Our team jumps into action by reverse engineering the key points given to us in the brief. Starting with a few basics for our project plan including but not limited to date required, ethical and environmental parameters to meet our clients expectations, cost and availability of materials for production.



Step one: Our team starts with a brainstorm session aimed at weeding out all variables and options that do not or will not meet the given criteria.

Step two: Draft out and mock-up the ideas that has made it through the screening process of step one to confirm once we have a visual product that still meets all our criteria.

Step three: Present ideas to our  client for perusal, adjustments, further mock-ups and finally approval.

Step four: Produce a pre-production sample to view the physical product.

Step five: Pass to our production team for the production run. 

Step six: Some activations require split deliveries, repacking, collating with other items or product finishing to various client requirements. This step as with the product, is fully customisable to fit wth the requirements. 

And the winner is...

Our team is very happy with the outcome of this project. With amazing feedback to a cool little product that brings brand front and centre and below budget. Just what we were trying to achieve!

No warm ice-cream, no cold hands, with your spoon right in its place and the remote firmly in the other hand, this ice cream cooler was a huge success with fantastic consumer feedback.

Minimum order quantities for custom products are not always the BIG issue its made out to be.

Designing and creating products from scratch by putting pen to paper is easily achievable and as you will see in this series of case studies, bringing brands to life is what we do. We look forward to any questions around this case study, and as a famous bunny once said, “That’s all folk’s”