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The Notebook (… not the movie …)

Whether it’s a misty day as you look out over the mountains, working from the cabin or at your desk in your suburban home, you are surely to be caught in one of the lockdown or Covid19 scenario’s. Nonetheless that pressing brief or to do list needs to be addressed. And yes we all love our technology, but there comes a certain time that mapping out a plan just doesn’t feel as romantic when typing it into your iPhone 12. No, we need to scribble, erase, draw and excalmate things!!!

Promotional Notebook Open
Moleskine Notebook

Yes, there’s something magical about putting pen to paper. Maybe it’s the mere fact that penning it down makes it permanent or the feeling of the pen rolling over and indenting the quality paper. We don’t think there’s one specific reason, but nevertheless notebooks form a large part of what our clients search for monthly on our website.

With such a huge variety of notebooks ranging from entry level promotional giveaways, to the ever popular and executive Moleskine™ brand of notebooks, the market extensively uses notebooks despite the surge in technology. I guess some things are just better done without a power cable.

So what is available for use in the corporate setting? Here it is important to define the purpose of the notebook, be it for staff, clients or the C-Suite Execs upstairs (or most likely at home in the current environment of Covid19)

Key aspects that should be considered when choosing that ever important purchase is;

  • Are you using it internally in the business or is it going to client.
  • If to a client, is this a high profile client for personal use daily or will your client be using it for a one day conference for note taking.
  • How long do you want the promotional notebook to inevitably last after giving it to the recipient.
  • Would you want to brand it and if so full colour branding or debossed and filled.
  • Ultimately, are you on a budget?

Each of the above answers would steer you in selecting a particular brand of notebook and lets be honest, if price is an issue I can assure you there is an option available for you. The mere word “Promotional” sparked fear into any marketing professional at one or other stage, however by collaborating with a relationship driven supplier, you are sure to leave with a quality product suited to your marketing campaign and needs.

Diving a bit deeper into what makes a quality corporate or promotional notebook, let’s look a little closer at the Moleskine™ brand and a personal favourite. The bottom line is really quality and this is the type of promotional notebook I would give to top tier clients. Don’t be confused though, Moleskine™ is not the skin of a mole. Yes, thats what you were thinking and so did I at one stage, so don’t feel bad. Moleskine (Italian pronunciation: [moleˈskiːne]) is an Italian manufacturer, papermaker and product designer founded in 1997 by Francesco Franceschi, based in Milan, Italy. The leather like finish on the soft cover option does lead one to believe that this is some type of leather, but fortunately no animals are harmed in the making of this product.

Although the price of the Moleskine™ does not shout “giveaway”, other options of promotional notebooks exist for all matter of event or office use, ranging from very cheap to cost effective offering great quality. This means you can give them away in mass to promote and market you business at a fair or expo, use them at conferences for clients to note-take or internal office and staff use.

Notebooks come in both;

  • hard and soft cover notebooks
  • lined or unlined notebooks
  • white or ivory colour paper notebooks
  • with and without pen loops to hold a pen
  • with and without a pen of choice
  • with and without elastic closures
  • with or without expandable inner pocket
  • ribbon bookmark
  • phone holders etc.
Promotional Notebooks various colours
Promotional Moleskine Notebooks Available with Various Colour Combinations

The last category of notebook is the fully custom and bespoke option. This is where we make the style, colour and page count including all other features to your specifications. These notebooks are one-off designs to suit your brand and although minimum order quantities are required on this type of order, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the number is not that high.

For this and any other notebook or promotional products related question, enquiry or custom design, please speak to our friendly team. We would love to collaborate with you and your brand.